Running for a
better future

Don’t run from.
Run for.

This is The
Sustainable Runner

Way Running - This is the sustainable runner

A better kind of running shoe. Minimalist design, natural materials, performance cushioning combined for perfect running comfort.

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A truly sustainable experience

Closing the loop

It’s a new kind of running shoe. By making choices that consider the long term, we have created a product from the ground up that will benefit the runner while minimizing the impact on the environment.

The Way Running experience

Step 1 - RECEIVE

Receive your shoe and keep the box.

Step 2 - RUN

Run. Travel. Run. Use them until
they’re done.

Step 3 - SHIP BACK

Ship the shoe back in it's original box. We will provide instructions.

Step 4 - RECYCLE

We take care of recycling and upcycling
the components.

Step 5 - REBATE

Get a rebate on your next pair.

Be a part of the product

Beta progam
V. 1.1

Join our beta program

We’re building a feedback loop with likeminded people with our beta program. Our early customers can choose to provide feedback on our product to create a continuous improvement cycle. The more feedback we have, the better the shoe gets.

Engineered for
and versatility

City friendly
All day comfort

Made from natural and
responsible materials

Way Running - Made from natural and responsible materials

Merino wool

The upper

An engineered combination of Merino wool and Tencel a material made from trees. In addition to being natural and sustainable, these offers great features for running.


Regulates your

Dries quickly

The Way better foam

A completely unique foam specifically engineered for running. Created through a unique foaming process that doesn’t require a chemical reaction - this means the material is non-toxic and reusable.


Long lasting


The outsole

Full coverage grippy rubber and lugs keep you planted for longer. Using partially recycled rubber for longer durability.

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