How to do better work

It’s actually quite simple. Do more of it. Do the work you have the urge to do, then do the opposite. Then, do what’s in between. The trick is to produce a lot of work. It doesn’t have to be good, but it has to have a purpose. 

The thing is, most folks are their own worst critics. When creative people create, they only see the flaws. They forego the positive parts of the work. I know I do. Often times I go back and look at my own work from years past. Work that I hated at the time - work that I found useless and uncreative. I look at it now and think - “Hey actually look pretty good”. My mind can’t help but wander to the possibility where I would have continued to output more work on a more consistent basis. Where would I be now? 

The answer is - I’d be here but, doing better and better work.  

So produce. Despite criticism, despite laziness and despite yourself. The more work you do, the better you get.

#everydaycreativebattle 183/365

This series of content is a small experiment. I pledged to create a piece of content on my site for the next 365 days. You can read the opening post here. The posts aren’t limited to thoughts or ideas, they’re really just a way for me to create original content. If you got any feedback/questions, please reach out. Thanks for looking. 
Dmitry N. Rusakov