Understanding the source

I recently listened to the Elon Musk documentary again, and I always walk away inspired. One thing that stood out is how Musk would try to get to the core of a subject. “Take it down to the physics”. In order understand what’s possible, his mind goes to the core structure of materials and the physics around a problem. Only then can he have a realistic conversation regarding what is in fact possible. 

This is an awesome lesson. Often we make decisions and assumptions based on not truly understanding what we’re doing. Sure, it might be rooted in lessons from the past, but understanding where something came from will allow you to make better decisions as to where it should go. Otherwise you’re doomed to remake the same mistakes. 

This applies to design quite well. Do you know why a chair was designed a certain way? What was the thought process behind a logo? Do you understand the criteria? Sure, you can judge the final product, but if you really want to learn and progress things, understand the source should be part of the equation. 

#everydaycreativebattle 182/365

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Dmitry N. Rusakov