Know your capability

Do you deliver on your promises? How good are you at estimating time? Creativity is a difficult and full of turmoil and unknowns. Yet still, as a creative professional individual you need to have the ability to estimate how long something will take. It can be as simple as quoting hours to as complicated as quoting a complete project (which could be over a year). So, how good are you? What’s your hit rate?

I often hear the excuse of unknowns. “But I’ve been working hard that whole month”.  

No excuse is a good excuse. Any professional individual needs to understand their capability. She needs to commit to her estimates, deliver what she promised. And yes, there are unfortunate and unforeseen unknowns. In those cases, extreme foresight is necessary. In the case of unknowns, the team or the client needs to be aware of the forthcoming unknown. Giving your team a heads up on your progress can help keep expectations in check. No one likes a nasty surprise on the day something is due. “I didn’t have time to get to it this week” is a tough sell. No matter the circumstances.

Everyone needs to know their capability. Everyone needs hone and constantly evaluate what they can do and how quickly they can do it. We live in a competitive world. If you don’t understand your capability, it’s like an olympic runner not caring about their lap times. You have to know in order to improve. You have to.

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