Never slow down.

The underdog. There’s a reason why people root for the underdog. 

It’s likely because they’re trying harder. It’s because they have something to prove and something to deliver. The underdog has a clear goal in sight. They want to win. They know what they need to do. There’s clarity.

Compare that with the slowing, aging, sales driven leader. Clarity isn’t something that’s talked about. Things got easier as success rolled in. Things got more comfortable. Systems were put in place. More people hired to take the load off. More people is more meetings. More meetings to think and define and discuss and wait. Where are we going? What’s our plan? - You mean besides protect our turf?

Nike says they act like a #2. They’re hungry. They’re nimble (as nimble as $30 Billion company can be). They haven’t slowed down. I contrast, look at apple. When was the last time there was a new product? Product cycles are stretching. There’s sales programs now because you have to reach sales targets. They’ve slowed down. They got comfortable. They’re starting to loose that once crystal clear vision. 

The trick is to never slow down. In failure, in mediocrity and yes, even more so in success. When you succeed, especially when you’re #1, everyone is gunning for you. You’re the goal. You have to keep moving that goal post…

#everydaycreativebattle 134/365

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Dmitry N. Rusakov