Inspire those around you

We are a combination of the closest people around us. Those people around us can inspire us, they can push us, they can make us great. Surrounding ourselves with positive role models can only be a good thing. Of course.

What if you take this lesson and reverse the point of view - How can you be a positive role model to those around you? Can you become the agent of change in your tribe? Can you become someone people look up to? Can you in turn inspire instead of waiting to be inspired?

If we set out to create and push, if we spend our limited energy on important work - we inspire those around us and in turn inspire ourselves to push further. Our change can affect those around us, and then can affect us back. 

Oftentimes we expect and wait to be inspired and that leads to nowhere. Perhaps being the inspiration and striving for more can inspire not just those around you, but you as well.

#everydaycreativebattle 106/365

This series of content is a small experiment. I pledged to create a piece of content on my site for the next 365 days. You can read the opening post here. The posts aren’t limited to thoughts or ideas, they’re really just a way for me to create original content. If you got any feedback/questions, please reach out. Thanks for looking.