Brand clarity

As companies grow bigger and more successful they tend to loose a little something. Maybe the founders have gone, maybe they retired. Maybe the folks who made the company what it is have lost their focus or shifted it elsewhere. Maybe the new people in charge have a different vision and you loose that last bit of personality. Maybe. 

One other possibility is to consider the concept of brand clarity. Or internal clarity on all accounts. It’s quite difficult within a company with various functional teams to truly understand how and why failure happens. It’s actually a lot more difficult to understand how and why success happens. When there is success, people tend to spin their own narrative. Every department and team will likely take credit. And why shouldn’t they? The contributed to the success. But, what’s lost here is the ability to truly understand success. Why it happened. Why it was different this time. Why there were key moments and what made those moments crucial.

Getting the team on the same page regarding success can seem tedious, but it can pay off in the long run. You can keep the expectations and assumptions in check. You can attempt to clarify and recognize the work. And above all, when the next failure occurs, you’d have a better chance of understanding what happened and how to make the necessary adjustments to steer back to success.  

Non of this is a rule of course - but, an open conversion and a regular post mortem can have profound effects. It’s just not done regularly. So, success and failure go undefined. Misunderstood. 

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Dmitry N. Rusakov