It doesn't matter what day it is...

There are 2 types of people. People who hate Mondays and people who don’t care what day it is.

People who hate Mondays are likely the same people who have a hard time getting up early, have a hard time doing the important thing - maybe even have a hard time being creative. How could you? If you define yourself by the weekly construct, there’s an excuse to not do something today, or any day. The day of the week becomes another excuse. Another reason to push it off to another day.

“I’ll start my diet next Monday”

“I can’t wait until the weekend”

“I’ll get to it on the weekend”

“I’ll do it after I rest on Saturday”

“I’m tired today - I’ll look at it tomorrow”

When you come to realize that the day of the week is irrelevant and begin to think long term, doing the right thing and moving forward becomes the focus. The fact is we all have more free time than ever before to be creative. It’s down to individual choice. 

Days of the week is a human contract - a concept which allows us to structure our time. You can use to your advantage, sure. But, most people follow it like a blind set of rules. Some let these rules dictate when you work and when you rest - others disregard these rules and do the important thing. 

Creativity is about breaking rules, not living in them. 

Dmitry N. Rusakov

#everydaycreativebattle 77/365

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