Looking for faces


People like to interact with people. It’s ingrained. We’re social animals. We look for faces. We look to speak to someone, somebody - even when someone isn’t really there. 

I was at the Tim Hortons this morning picking up a coffee (sometimes I need a bad coffee). In front of me was a lady in her car speaking into the order box. She ordered what she wanted and drove away. Nothing crazy. Except - whenever the person on the other end would reply the lady would look at the box to reply back. She looked at the box as if it were a person. There is absolutely no need to do this. We know that there is a microphone there and it would hear us even if we don’t look at it. We can be looking at the radio or the road ahead, or literally anything else while speaking to the order box. We don’t need to look at it - and yet we do. 

This is a common occurrence. For anyone who’s been on a conference call - you tend to look at the phone when you speak into it. We act as if that phone or that order box is actually human. We look to connect to it. The signal in these examples may only be audible, but we still look to connect visually. We can’t help it. 

Connection and humanity is the next way for brands to thrive. If we can create a meaningful connection and be human during those connections - the brand will resonate. People aren’t looking for the cheapest thing or the easiest thing, they’re looking to connect with people. Brands and companies who do the hard work and choose to connect with those people will be the ones who lead the next age. The age of human connection.

Dmitry N. Rusakov

#everydaycreativebattle 48/365

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