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Creativity is like science.  It’s built on top of the creative minds that have come before. It’s about taking ideas further and pushing boundaries. It’s about knowing the limits and then pushing them out ever further. When one builds on ideas, iterates and refines them a line can be blurred. Far too often creators are dismissed of plagiarized work. Far too often creative people refuse to start being creative due to the assumption that they have very few, or no, good ideas. 

The concept that every idea is built on ideas and thinking that have come before is very real. There are 3 buckets here to consider:


This is the basic starting point. When illustrators start to draw, the best way to start is to copy what someone else is doing. When you admire someones work enough to begin to try and create similar work. There’s value here for beginners. I encourage copying for the process of learning. You can copy to get your juices flowing. The trick is to evolve those concepts into your own work, to apply your own ideas and to implement your own solutions. It can start as a copy, but it can finish as an original piece of work.

For those who choose to copy for the purposes of learning, should be open about the source. If you pass a copy as your own work - it’s deceptive. It’s not creative. But, if you’re honest about it - you can learn a lot and quickly.


Stealing ideas is really taking ideas and making them your own. Apple didn’t invent the tablet - they just perfected it. Perfecting an idea so strongly that the market sees you as the originator is always desirable. 

Social Network. Tablet computer. Electric Car. Cell Phone. 

Who did you think of as you read that? Facebook? iPad? Tesla (maybe Prius?) iPhone? - all stolen ideas. 


Inspiration can be vague - it can be subconscious. Your can be inspired to paint a painting by listening to a song. And vice versa, one can be inspired to create a song based on a painting. When you’re inspired by someone’s creativity - you let your creative side take that energy further. It’s really the best and most effective way to create something unique, new and remarkable. 

Anyone who wants to be creative shouldn’t shy away from copying to get going. But the goal is to strive to be inspired and to become inspiring.

Dmitry N. Rusakov

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