Chance vs. Choice

It boggles the mind that in this day and age people still think that luck has something to do with anything. The assumption that success comes to the lucky few still persists. It’s out there believed by the same people who play the lottery. Is there such a thing as luck? In some ways, yes. Luck exists. We’re all lucky to be alive - as it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to be here an now - but, are people really lucky? 

The answer is choice. People choose to create favorable situations around them instead of leaving everything to chance. 

With choice you can educate yourself and be better equipped to make better decisions.

With choice you can communicate more clearly and be a better human.

With choice you can think long term instead of gratifying the short term.

With choice you can do the most important first.

With choice you can do and become anything.

If you leave everything up to chance, you really do need to rely on luck. And luck is random. Luck is a lottery. With choice - it’s all up to you. And maybe that’s why people choose chance and luck - because they choose to hide.

Dmitry N. Rusakov

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