Do the Opposite

Writer’s block. No ideas. No direction. No solution. No motivation.

We all hit the roadblock on creating our work. That roadblock may be due to something external going on in your life. It may be due to the difficult nature of the project. It may be due to something unforeseen. We all get stuck. We all loose interest, and we all lose motivation. The key difference between those who succeed and those who fail is perseverance and commitment. Leaning into the issue requires a lot of effort and a lot of dedication - but, how do you solve a problem that just doesn’t want to be solved?

One way is to do the opposite. We must realize that there actually isn’t a correct way to do anything. There’s a correct point of view. There isn’t a single solution to any problem. Once we embrace that there is no “right” way to do it - solving the problem can become more liberating.

I love considering solutions from a completely different point of view to free up my mind. How would someone else solve this problem? How would they look at the product? What are all potential solutions I can come up with? What would be the opposite of these solutions?

- If you have no idea how to build a website for your company, and you’ve been looking for someone to help you with no luck - do the opposite and learn to build it yourself. 

- If you’re trying to solve a design from a designers point of view - and can’t - solve it from an engineers point of view. 

- If you’re unable to use materials that you’d like due to MOQ and whats available isn’t nice - embrace whats available and make it nicer. 

There are a million examples here - but, the trick is looking beyond your capabilities and considering all potential alternatives. 

The truth is there is no writer’s block or any kind of block if we choose to see the problem with a multitude of solutions. We’re not always right - and we can learn from that. 

“If every instinct you have is wrong - then the opposite would have to be right.” - Seinfeld

Dmitry N. Rusakov

#everydaycreativebattle 51/365

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