Delivering with Impact

Most people deliver when something is asked. Especially if they’re getting paid for it. The pay is the incentive to get the job done. 

You might have spent 2 weeks of hard work on a project, cramming some hours on the last few days to get things done. You’re proud of your work and the effort you’ve put into it. You delivered exactly what was requested. Congratulations - you’re part of the 97%. The masses. The place where no one knows your name - and if they do know your name - you’re easily forgotten. Easily replaced by someone cheaper - someone faster - someone more ambitious. Delivering what’s requested isn’t the end goal. It’s the starting point. 

Creating impact and communicating your thought process can go a long way. I’m now specifically talking about creating presentations for clients or internal teams. Simply throwing your work on the screen and saying “here it is” - “this is what you guys asked for” is absolutely only slightly better than not delivering anything at all. If you’re not captivating your audience - you’ve failed. If you haven’t challenged the status quo - you’ve failed. If you didn’t go beyond what’s been imagined - you’ve failed. 

You need to do all those things. You need to captivate your audience, you need to challenge the status quo, you need to deliver something never imagined and (and its a big and) you need to solve the problems you needed to solve. But, apart from all that, you need to explain and showcase your thinking. Your process. Your path to how you got here. 

If you can see the presentation as an opportunity to create change, an opportunity to carve new paths - you’ll start to go in the right direction. It can’t be merely delivering the bare minimum. It’s about delivering the absolute remarkable. Every time.

Dmitry N. Rusakov

#everydaycreativebattle 50/365

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