Flawed Successes

Failure. Success. You hear about those all the time. However, there’s a lot in-between the two end points. 

One of the projects that i’m working on is in a very rough stage. The first sample came back wrong. It’s not a surprise. Whenever you’re dealing with a cut & sew product, and you’re developing overseas, the interpretation that goes on between your intention and the actual outcome is actually quite vast. You can be as clear as possible and as precise as possible - one fact will remain - your first sample is nowhere near where you need to be. 

So what do you do?

There are a couple of options: Move on and correct OR give up on the current iteration and restart from scratch. 

I always steer awards the former. Even if the sample is in a rough stage - it still exists. Sometimes we take for granted that we’ve created something new that didn’t exist before. It took time, effort and energy on 2 different continents to create that sample - however rough it may be. And the likely scenario that fixing and adjusting the initial direction will bring you closer to what you originally intended. 

The lesson is to find the successes. There are some - always. However flawed they may be. And once you have a flawed success in front of you, your focus can now go on addressing those flaws. Looking at the project through that lens can actually lead to new solutions. You just have to open up and look for them.

We often see failure before success - sometimes it makes sense to find both and address accordingly.


#everydaycreativebattle 33/365

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