Does it Feel Right?

This is a post about industrial design. It’s about products - tangible products - because, that’s kinda what I do. So why am I talking about feelings?

Well - I think as people, we generally have an emotional reaction to every single thing we experience. There are high emotional experiences when we’re dealign with our loved ones, and there are minute emotional experience like when we see a small pebble on the sidewalk. You still have a reaction to that pebble - it may be indifference - but that’s still a reaction. 

So what’s the point of all this? 

When it comes to eating products, “The Feel” of the product has an intangible value. It’s tough to quantify what that means. I don’t mean how a product feels in your hand. I mean how this product makes you feel - or how this product feels just by looking at it. 

“It just feels right” or “It looks good but, it just doesn’t feel right” were two common phrases when we were in early design and development stages. And if a product doesn’t have that proper feel, it usually withered away in the development cycle. 

“It has to feel like it’s own thing” 

When it comes to how a product lives and feels in the real world, you have no choice but to rely on your intuition. You have to let it live and you have to get it to the point where it feels right. That may sometimes be a personal battle. A personal struggle. But, it pays off if you’re putting in the work. When the product feels right, and that intangible work is in there, people do sense it. Whether its the team around you or the consumer. 

So. Does it feel right?

It’s your responsibility that it does.


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