STOP looking to be Inspired!


Look - I’m all about inspiration as much as the next creative person. But, if you want to get something meaningful done and shipped, you actually need to get to work. You need to STOP looking & START working.

Plenty of people tend to get caught up in the “research phase”. Does research/inspiration and actual work need to be exclusive? There’s 18 usable hours in a day - 4 of those being focused on research is more than plenty. You can have over 12 hours on doing the actual work. The actual tinkering and exploring - the building and the prototyping. It's only when you dive into the actual work, that things really become something new - where new potential possibilities reveal themselves. 

So how do you get out of this "Research" phase? Despite everything - it really rests on the shoulders of the individual. If you want to create something - you simply have to Start. Stop trying to get inspired and Start being inspiring. Be the person others want to look up to. It’s your choice.