The argument

No one likes them. Not many people like to find themselves in one. But, the argument is a crucial part of any effective team. 

It’s worth noting that the argument is most effective when the team has the best intentions in mind - for the team and what the team is responsible for. It’s not about the personality. It’s not about personal victories or visions. It’s about the result. If every person on the team is looking to achieve the same type of result, the argument will rise through the different way you can go about it. In this case, the argument is crucial. It’s healthy. It’s absolutely necessary. 

The argument allows the team to bring out all the potential options. It allows the team to ask the questions and seek appropriate answers. No one knows everything, but a well rounded team should be able to arrive at a conclusion that makes sense. 

So, don’t avoid the argument. Embrace it. Look forward to it. And be prepared for it. Your project and your team can be better with it, than without it.

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Dmitry N. Rusakov