2015 Books List

The 2015 List. Not all of the books bellow came out in 2015, but they are the ones that made the most impact on me in 2015. Some of them were read, some were listened to as Audiobooks (an awesome trick for those who spend a lot of time on the road). I urge anyone who's interested in product design and development to check them out. 

1. DO/PURPOSE (David Hieatt/Do Book Co) - is for anyone who wants to understand what it takes to build a meaningful brand. It's a quick read with a great design. Always a fantastic reference when you need a moment of inspiration. 

2. CONTAGIOUS - (Jonah Berger) - Why things catch on. Excellent insight into the modern product and advertising landscape. Want to understand how people buy? Wan to understand why some things go viral? I devoured this book in audio format and the book itself. I plan to re-read it once again before the year is out.

3. ELON MUSK: TESLA, SPACEX AND THE QUEST FOR A FANTASTIC FUTURE (Ashlee Vance) - This is the one that opens your eyes on the possibilities of the scale that can be achieved by a single person. I listened to it a couple of times as an audiobook. It's a great biography on Musk, but an even better book for personal inspiration. 

4. IT'S NOT HOW GOOD YOU ARE, IT'S HOW GOOD YOU WANT TO BE (Paul Arden/PHAIDON) - It's a classic. I've read it when it originally came out in 2003, but I had to reconnect with it. It's a quick read, much like DO/PURPOSE, but it's message is extremely clear and concise. It's a book you'll want to come back to. 

5. WHAT TO DO WHEN IT'S YOUR TURN (Seth Godin) - Pure inspiration, amazing insights and just an overall great experience with the concept that Godin is doing with this book. Designed to be shared and designed to inspire everyone around you. Drop everything and go read it.

6. HOW TO USE GRAPHIC DESIGN TO SELL THINGS... (Michael Bierut) - This is a late addition to the years list, but a crucial one for me in 2016. It's a way to reconnect and understand the graphic design side of the business. It's really about the power of images and words. A great look at someone's creative portfolio. 

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